Far Cry 2 Fortune's Pack Aptly Priced

Ubisoft announced their Fortune's Pack DLC for Far Cry 2 last week, but neglected to mention the price. It turns out that the three new weapons, two new vehicles, and four multiplayer maps included in the package will run you 800 Microsoft points or $US9.99 real life monies, the same general price for a full-sized Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network title.

Remember how I said money is no object as far as a crossbow is concerned? Perhaps I spoke a bit too soon. I would have gone as high as $US5 in real money or its virtual equivalent, but $US10? Probably not. I'll just continue making my own maps and pretending I have a crossbow.

Far Cry 2 DLC to cost 800 MS Points News [Eurogamer]


    Dont bother buying, its not worth it. none of it is included in map editor nor is it added into your load out. Not only that but all three weapons make no sense; they are added into the map by crates next to ammo crates, and the crossbow with the scope shoots a projectile slower than a RPG that has a smaller blast radius than the it. Both shotguns make no sense what so ever simply because it adds two shotguns and no rifle, sub machine gun, or machine gun. The only difference between both is one is a double barrel one shot reload, with higher damage and the other is a semi-auto with 6 shots. The vehicles however are alright but, it doesnt matter since they cant be added into the map with the map editor. The maps themselves fit the same layout as all the rest eccept one map that uses a river with boats and a shoreline you can advance through. This is not worth the download unless you plan to replay singleplayer with two new vehicles and 3 pointless weapons.

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