Games Even Your Kids Can Play

As adult gamers in Australia, we all know the pitfalls of having a draconian ratings system. But, it's easy to forget that we incredibly mature-minded aged souls aren't the only ones who sit themselves in front of a screen and stare at pretty graphics for sometimes hours on end.

The folks over at Babblebaby have put together a list of what they claim are the top music games suitable for ankle biters. It's an interesting selection and should come in handy for parent-gamers, now that the horrendously long Christmas school holidays are just around the corner. [Babblebaby]


    In reference to your comment on our draconian rating system, the guys at good game (abc2 @ 9.00 mondays) are speaking with micheal atkinson next week to find out why he has a different opinion to 90% of the country about a R18 rating for games

    Fallout 3 should go on the list, my 9 year old has sunk about a 100 hours into it and he's only on the fourth story quest.

    He's also picked up some great new swear words.

    It's very fun bonding with ur families

    "top music games suitable for ankle biters"... does no one see the error in logic... what music games aren't suitable for young children... it's a music game... about music... music

    Steve, I would have thought the same. But, as the Babblebaby article points out, there are a number of music games out there that aren't all that suitable for young ears. Take a look at the original article.

    If you aren't familiar with them and can't meep or cough or make some other censoring noise at the F-bombs in your kids flavour of the week rock songs then you are not cool enough to be a parent and should have your kids taken away from you by the state.

    How dare that woman deny her children the positive female role model of the Donna's because of one little curse word!

    It beats the hell out of the suggestive trashy moanings of Britney or the saccharine ear poison for adults of High School Musical.

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