Gears Of War 2: Patched

Having matchmaking issues with Gears of 2? Epic's got your back. A patch has been released that (should) fix the agonising wait times encountered during matchmaking, as well as a few other bits and pieces.

Other tweaks include fixing the issue where people couldn't access their SP campaign if Live was down and improvements to Epic's stat-gathering process. If you don't already have the update, you'll be prompted to download it next time you fire the game up.

OFFICIAL: Title Update for Gears of War 2 Now Available [Epic, via X3F]


    Perhaps I might buy this game again. But on top of improving the disastrous matchmaking that nobody actually wanted, the lag problems also had to go to make an online patch worthwhile for fans of the game and there has been absolutely no mention of this aspect being fixed. Hopefully it has, because I truly loved the original online.

    I bought a ps3 over a year ago.. love it, but when I heard Gears 2 was going to be xbox only I went and bought a 360.

    so ya, I bought an elite 8 months ago just for gears 2! I was upset when i realized that gears 2 had a crappy multiplayer experience.

    I hope gears 3 will be released for playstation 3 so I can sell my 360

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