Grace Kim: Guitar Hero World Tour is a 'Ripoff'

Back when we told you the story of how Grace Kim became Playboy's Miss November, and how she was secretly getting super freaky with Rock Band while she was doing PR for Guitar Hero, word trickled back to me that her former boss at Activision was not the happiest person in the solar system. I'm thinking that disappointment will only deepen after this video, in which Grace plays Guitar Hero: World Tour on G4TV, is asked for her opinion of it, and calls it "a little bit of a ripoff of Rock Band." She disses the drum kit, too. She did have a kind word for the Guitar Hero franchise, however; she said GH III was more aesthetically pleasing than World Tour.

You can watch her play all the instruments, which includes pounding the kick drum in a pair of less-than-sensible stiletto boots, and getting booed off the stage singing Blondie's "One Way or Another." I want to bring her into Kotaku tower to have her eat Kentucky Fried Chicken's Guitar Hero Super Smack Pack Whatever the Hell it Is Meal and tell us what she thinks of that.

Playboy's Miss November vs Guitar Hero World Tour


    Really, this chick is a flash in the pan. She's just getting attention because she used to work at Activision, likes Rock Band and went and did Playboy. She has no idea what she is talking about. Except maybe for the guitar being better than Rock Band's guitar. In addition, you can't do true double-bass pedal with the Rock Band drum kit but you can with the World Tour drum kit. And you're really going to talk bad about a microphone? It's a mic. You want little stars on it or something on the side of it? They are both good games but I think World Tour has better equipment. She should have had more air pumped into her head after that workout she had banging the drums like Bam Bam. And then she is going to talk bad about the drums after playing beginner? Pwahahah!!! Really?!?! Ok next.

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