I'll say this for Rockstar - they do like a controversy. Usually, though, they go in for cool controversies like sexy mini games or the sensationalised depiction of car crime and bullying.

Lame kerfuffles about copy protection schemes just seem a bit off-message, somehow. C'mon chaps, you'll not get many tabloid headlines with this nonsense! Get back to the prostitute murder and leave the customer-punishing DRM nonsense to your competitors.

Yes, another high profile PC release - GTA IV this time - will be shipping with SecuROM. The usual arguments are being trotted out - on the one hand it is the publisher's best defence against piracy (the copyright infringement kind, not the Somali kidnappy variety) while on the other it is a horrible mess of code that will taint the PCs of legitimate consumers like digital scar tissue.

C'est la vie.

GTA IV jumps on SecuROM bandwagon


    Look, DRM has nothing to do with piracy. Piracy is just the scapegoat. The bigger fish is the second hand market, as it loses them money from customers who are actually prepared to spend money on it. Publishers want everyone to have to buy the game new.

    Steam achieves this too, whilst actually giving you other "useful" services in exchange for the lock in. It's why in principal most people are happy to accept a compromise, as long as it doesn't treat them like a war criminal.

    I'm no longer a student, I now have funds available to purchase the software that I use. The odd thing is that now I'm completely legit, I'm treated like a completed thief. Microsoft, EA Games, Trend Micro, Sony, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Everything I do on my computer requires me to activate or refresh some licensing code. I'm totally and utterly over being treated so badly. I can't even watch a legit DVD without being hounded as a pirate.

    I thought that I'd avoid the open source way to keep things simple, but is just doesn't work. Linux/open office here I come :-)

    Games... Screw them too. As a student that's what Pirate bay was for...and I suppose has to be again :-(

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