Guess What? There Will Be No Wii Price Cuts (Or DS Cuts, Either)

People want stuff cheap. It's human nature. Why spend $100 on something when you can spend $50 on it and spend the other $50 on something else? You see where we're going with this. Anyway, lots of people want the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS cheap because, well, the Wii hasn't had a price cut since forever, and the DS hasn't had one in a while either. What the people want, though, and what Nintendo are willing to give are two completely different things. Reggie Fils-Aime:

The consumer is voting with their wallet and their pocketbooks that the Wii and the DS represent fantastic values. So far this year, month in and month out, the Wii and DS have been number one and number two selling systems for the month. That suggest our value equation is finely tuned at this point...There is no need for price cuts on our systems today.

K, thanks Reggie, we'll check in again in January.

Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime: "Very Optimistic" [Reuters]


    “That suggest our value equation is finely tuned at this point”

    Classic corporate shills. It would have been a nice gesture from Nintendo, in this economic climate, to offer not as an incentive to buy (everyone wants wii and DS anyway) but perhaps just a small token to the families doing it hard who have to pony up for their kids Christmas gifts anyway. Less money, same amount of presents at the same cost.. someone has to be hurting somewhere and unfortunately Nintendo’s key demographic will be those FAMILIES.

    The choice between Santa and scrooge, Nintendo choose scrooge. Disappointing, but then, I am an idealist and think there is a point where a company can start giving back to more than its shareholders. Would be nice to see the other consoles who adapted to the economic climate, with price cuts and legitimately awesome bundles, do well this holiday season. But we all know which console will be under the Christmas tree this year… it prints money!

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