Harmonix Wants 'Authentic' Music Studio For Rock Band

Long before Guitar Hero World Tour was released, Harmonix were saying that they didn't plan on rolling out copycat 'recording studio' features in Rock Band 2. With World Tour due out in Oz tomorrow, their attitude seems to have solidified.

Speaking to Videogamer.com, lead designer of Rock Band 2 Dan Teasdale said that he had played a little with World Tour's studio functions and come away with a few ideas.

"The main one is that you can't do it half-arsed," said Teasdale "If you want to do a way to let players create and distribute music, you have to go all-in - not just do it as a bullet on the back of a box."

"We actually want to find a way to for people to create music and express themselves, but when we do we want to make sure that people can sing, or the songs can be longer than three minutes, or that you can have more than 1200 notes. We want to make sure it's an authentic experience and it fits on the platform."

Harmonix: music creation can't be half-arsed [Videogamer]


    Interesting stuff, if anyone is going to do a music creation 'add-on' correctly it will be Harmonix.

    On a semi related topic do you know what's happening with the PS3 GHWT drum compatability with RB? The last I heard Harmonix were working on a patch, any updates?



    Maybe they should get their attitude around to releasing Rock Band 2 over here in a reasonable timeframe?

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