How To Make Your Own Nerf Lancer With Working Chainsaw

It seems that every year there's at least one stand out game-themed do-it-yourself that just blows everyone in the community away. Last year it was those giant stuffed Companion Cubes. This year, well I wasn't sure what it was going to be until Adam dropped a link to NerfHaven on us.

Inside? A nerf gun Lancer, complete with working plastic chainsaw, neon lights and custom paint job.

Someone, somewhere better start satisfying my need for this thing or I can't be blamed for what I might do. It sure has heck won't entail making my own.
Step one: Buy a Nerf Longshot and toy chainsaw.

Step the rest: Do lots of stuff with knives, electronics, molding plastics, glue, sandpaper, paint, neon lights.

Step the last: Chainsaw a small child with your new Lancer.

Lancer, Master Of The Barrel Tap. An Angel Production [NerfHaven]


    This was a gun that got me started customizing nerf guns. I can't wait to get to working with the internal lighting, that really makes the gun special

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