I Didn't Know Left 4 Dead was an RPG

It isn't, but this guy definitely role-plays the zombie-movie staple character of Terrified Whiner Sacrifice. Warning, this guy is loud and at times profane. Sounds like he's partly laughing at the end, but he completely freaks when the horde first moves in, and by the time the lobber (I guess that's what hit him) covers him in pus, he drops into full-terrified shriek mode. "Why did you let this happen to me?!?! You left me out there to die!!!"

Left 4 Dead Plan Gone Wrong [YouTube]


    The problem there was his idiot companion who rather than pushing the hunter off fired three or four shotgun blasts pointblank at the hunter AND his whiney little girlfriend. From there it was a no hoper.

    Funny though. We've been laughing at this for days on the forums. It's a shame it was 360 version. I'll never be able to play against him.

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