Is Realistic PC Pinball Worth $US300?

Now I've stated in the past that I am one of the world's biggest fans of video game pinball, from both a height and width and level of devotion standpoint, but I'm just not sure if I am ready for Nanotech Entertainment's Pinball Wizard Controller. Sure it features real flipper buttons, a real plunger, and the ability to detect motion for realistic table nudging action, but there is no way in hell I could ever justify spending $US299 on a controller just to play pinball. An actual pinball table, perhaps, but not a controller, no matter how appealing the thought of having a real plunger may be.

For those of you without my financial limitation, the device does ship with a variety of 3D pinball programs, including a few Gottlieb recreations, and the software is designed to work with all once and future pinball programs, regardless of whether or not they support analogue input. Me? I'm just going to bookmark the page at for random bouts of drooling.


New NanoTech products feature state of the art pinball technology

SAN JOSE, Calif. - November 11, 2008 - NANOTECH ENTERTAINMENT is pleased to announce the release of its highly anticipated Pinball Wizard Controller. In keeping with NanoTech's pursuit of innovative gaming technology, the Pinball Wizard controller lets you experience video pinball the way it is meant to be played; by using flipper buttons, a real plunger, and the ability to shake the table as well as nudge the ball, through the integration of its MOT-ION™ I/O Adaptor. Pinball Wizard does it all with no special drivers required. The Pinball Wizard is fully configurable allowing it to work with a variety of Pinball software including the state of the art Future Pinball™ engine. The controller ships with a combination of amazing 3D Pinball games including original titles plus recreations from the world famous pinball manufacturer Gottlieb™. With a software configuration program the Pinball Wizard can be customised to work with all current and future PC Pinball games.

"There has really been no input device for the video pinball enthusiast other than the keyboard, mouse or joystick until now." commented Robert DeKett, founder and CEO of NanoTech Entertainment. "We have come up with a design that will work with any pinball software, regardless of analogue input support. This means we can support all pinball games. Our engineers have crafted a very flexible solution that is designed to support all existing pinball games and is field upgradeable ensuring long lasting support."

The Pinball Wizard controller incorporates all the elements of a real pinball machine into the palm of your hands. Designed by Arcade Industry veterans and pinball enthusiasts, Pinball Wizard recreates the experience of playing a real pinball machine on your desktop. The Pinball Wizard is constructed with true arcade materials and uses a real plunger and lockdown bar from actual pinball machines assuring the player that real arcade feel.

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    I usually build pinball side buttons onto my mame consoles, I'm a big fan of the PC pinball too.
    This is a sweet setup, especially the real plunger, thats the one thing I've always been missing.
    $300 is about the right price (it's about what a quality, dedicated arcade control panel would cost), although I personally wouldn't pay it - I could have 3 Fallout 3's for that price.

    People that complain about this controller's price are obviously not that into pinball, if I had the funds right now I would definitely buy this, however, I've recently read that these controllers are in very short supply with none available until June 2009.

    The only negative I see is that it does not seem to anchor to a table or steady surface where you can play it like a real pinball using your whole body during game play. I can't wait to buy this awesome device!!

    Thank you to the manufacturer for thinking of us old pinball heads :)

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