Latest Wii Update Will, As Usual, Attempt To Block The Homebrew Channel

If you bothered to turn your Wii on tonight, you'll have been prompted to perform a system update. It'll take your Wii to version 3.4. Version 3.4 does nothing new except, and I quote, "automatically remove" any "unauthorised modifications to save files". That's your edited Twilight Princess save files, users of the Homebrew Channel, so as with most firmware updates, you'd do well to stay away from this one if you want to continue getting any expanded use out of your Wii.

Nintendo unleashes Wii Menu 3.4, updates ToS and removes save files [Wii Fanboy]


    wait.. so Nintendo release an up date just to check for homebrew apps? Nothing else? No performance increase.. no.. nothing.. just homebrew. Jesus they are dicks. I am not into homebrew, but I am tempted to look into now. I am sure they already have a work around.. usually takes, what? 15 minutes. Maybe if we had some games better than wii music we wouldn't be looking into alternative uses for the Wii. My Wii is a glorified Xbox 360 stand right now, and I am actually excited about its impending update.

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