Left 4 Dead Stats Show...

...that you're all a bit shit.

Published today by Valve, a look at the game's PC user stats show that while most of you are up for helping out a buddy, and some of you have finished the game, nobody has done a "Dead Rising".

What's a "Dead Rising"? The "ZOMBIE GENOCIDEST" achievement. See, Dead Rising had an achievement called "Zombie Genocider". To earn it, you had to kill 53,594 zombies. Or, the entire population of the game's town, Willamette. Left 4 Dead, in a tip of the hat, requires you to kill 53,595. Cute.

The published statistics - which list the percentage of players to have earned each of the game's achievements on PC - also show that only 2.1% of you have finished any campaign on expert. And only 0.2% of you have finished every campaign on expert. Really, only 0.2%?

Lift your game.

Left 4 Dead Achievements [Valve, via Eurogamer]


    expert is do-able but it's really really hard. and may takes up to 2-3 hours to finish.

    In my experience, on average your team will kill around 2000 zombies per campaign. If you take that as 500 per player, then you will need to complete each campaign about 27 times to reach 53595 kills. I've done each one twice, so I have some way to go yet.

    It's easy to say that, but unless you're playing with clan members who you can co-ordinate well with or are lucky enough to come across a good group online, expert is a bitch.

    hah, most of the acheivements are too easy because theres no restriction in which difficulty you do it on besides a few of them, playing on a skill level less then advanced is for chumps, advanced is way too easy as it is.

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