Lootathon Results in Epic Banning

When there's a goof-up online, and a big run on DLC that a game maker wanted you to pay tons extra to get, it's probably not a smart idea to go into that very same developer's official forums and sound the alarm about it. Not once, but twice.

Yesterday's Great Banjo Lootathon (now closed, goodbye) exposed the Gears of War 2 Golden Lancer, among other things for a limited time, to download from Xbox Live for free, via the web. Reader RedRex32 says he went to Epic's Forums to spread word talk about it, even after the back door to the lancer was shut, and saw the thread he and others were writing in summarily deleted.

So RedRex32 started a new one, and that got him banzored beyond all recognition. As in a full on IP banning, not just his account. The lock-out screen advised this ban will be lifted "never."

"This all went down about 5:15 PST [12:15 AEDT] , hours after the entire issue wasn't even, well, an issue anymore. So the harm is questionable," RedRex32 says. "Smell a cover-up?" No, brah, I smell punishment. Look, not to blame the victim, but that's Epic's turf. It's probably not the wisest thing to hold this screwup under their nose like that. talk about this screwup on their turf, because they'd definitely be looking to retaliate on anyone who got the lancer this way.

[Edits: I made changes because RedRex32 insists he didn't go there to tell everyone how to get it, merely to post a link to the Kotaku story.]

So did anyone else get swatted or suffer any sanctions from anyone because of yesterday's fun and shenanigans? Let me know in the comments.


    Do people get banned form here when they post info about how your articles are rumors that were made by a 9 year old halo fanboy and you run with the story as if it's a reputable source? Or where you write all positive previews of games where the story has to be approved by the publisher of the game before you can post it?

    Has anyone ever told you, that you're a presumptous dumbass? Don't dare diss kotaku you little maggot.

    I'd probably use the Golden Lancer all the time if it looked like that picture.

    The real Golden Lancer is terrible, it's just so yellow and shiny and... ugh...

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