McGill - Still No Portable Xbox

Look, just let it go. There will not be a portable Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox 720, 180, 90 or any other combination of 'Xbox' and/or 90-degree increments.

Asked by Five'sThe Gadget Show in the UK about the possibility of a Microsoft handheld to compete with the Nintendo DS and PSP, Xbox UK's head of gaming & entertainment Stephen McGill put paid to the suggestion. Again.

"No thank you, we've got plenty going on with the 360," said McGill, "We don't want to get distracted by going into the handheld market."

Maybe if we all keep asking him, though..

Xbox handheld: only available in dreamland says Microsoft [The Gadget Show]


    Wow! A portable Xbox built-in to the original controller!

    he forgot 540

    lire the x box 720 looks like 343 gulty spark

    it is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!! i want it for my b-day

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