Microsoft 'Explain' Why Only The US Gets A Thanksgiving XBL Sale

There's a ton of great deals on Xbox Live at the moment! Like Rez HD for 500 points. Awesome. Only awesome if you're in the US, though. Everyone else gets nothing. Why is that, Microsoft?

Well, according to Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, it's due to "a lot of issues". Which he doesn't get specific over. But which probably boil down to the fact a Thanksgiving sale in Europe wouldn't make much sense. Still. A Bank Holiday sale next year would go a long way to making amends.

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    the people complaining about this are idiots, why would the rest of the world have anything to do with a thanksgiving sale?

    I was one of the ones that was posting in the comments section about all this. We wern't going around complaining that the US had a sale just for thanks giving, its that no other region gets sales for their specific days... We were asking 'why not Australia day/Boxing day/St. Georges day' etc... The US had sales for St. Patricks day and so did Europe but Autralia didn't get any sales for that day, its the double standards which people were complaining about. Just thought i'd clear that up before some Americans come on and complain that its Thanksgiving day and everyone else sucks for whinging...

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