Microsoft Launched Games For Windows Live... Again

If at first you don't succeed. Send free stuff to video game journalists and try again.

Just last winter Microsoft tried to jump start PC gaming with an ad-heavy, pr-pushed launch of Games for Windows Live. The PC-clone of the popular Xbox 360 online service was meant to bring the some respect, popularity and profitability that console games have been seeing of late.

But the thing is, it didn't really take.

First you had the problems with telling PC gamers they needed to pay for something they've always gotten for free. So Microsoft did away with that, then you had competing services that were, frankly, about a gajillionbillion times better. (cough)Steam(cough). So now, not daunted by facts, or figures, or reality, Microsoft is relaunching Games For Windows Live with another PR push, this one containing a free Sidewinder keyboard, mouse, a mouse pad, headphones and copies of James Bond Quantum of Solace and Fallout 3.

Why don't they just look into handing Valve the keys to the dwindling PC kingdom and get on with making some kick arse software, like Gears of War 3?


    Has anybody used that sidewinder keyboard and mouse? They had them at a CS comp two weeks ago and I could not have my fingers on the WASD and press control to crouch at the same time. I shit you not, thats the worst oversight on a "gaming" keyboard I've ever seen. The mouse is also very brick-like and this stuff belongs in the bin really.

    As someone that's never really gotten into multiplayer on any platform - feel free to send that box round to my place. I'll tell you if it's really an "experience" that's likely to entice a newbie!

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