Microsoft, This Is How You Blow Your PS3 Lead In Japan, Part II

After waiting outside for the DSi, customers at the Bic Camera in Osaka's Namba were brought inside to wait some more. The light snaked right past the Xbox 360 game display, giving customers ample opportunity to look at all those Japan-centric titles and look at...uh-oh... Like at the Akihabara Yodobashi Camera display, some demos were running, but some weren't for a very good reason. That, after the jump!

As of a year and a half ago, this Bic Camera had an in-store Microsoft representative to check the Xbox 360 display.


    lol this reminds me of the time i was playing halo 3 on a kiosk and then the rrod came up, i laughed pretty hard in the store, weird looks came my way,

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