Mirror's Edge 'Wanted' Posters Pop Up At Universities

Electronic Arts is giving Mirror's Edge viral marketing the old college try, with "wanted" posters for the game's protagonist Faith popping up at at least one college campus, the University of Southern California. Yes, we've definitely seen this tactic before — and arguably done a little better — but we can't fault EA for trying to turn some of that student cash earmarked for ramen and Milwaukee's Best into Mirror's Edge spend. Want to stealth market for EA yourself? Scans of the poster are at the source.

Mirror's Edge Wanted Poster [On Mirror's Edge Forums - thanks, Andrew!]


    Amusingly there are a bunch of posters on a street in my neighbourhood on poles that say "Have you got the speed?". This is only amusing if you are know about the huge block of dodgy apartments they are in front of... a guy tried to sell me ice (meth) out front last week. Someone certainly DOES have the speed!

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