More LittleBigPlanet Sackboy Costumes Are... OMG A SHARK

North American LittleBigPlaneteers are going to be on the receiving end of a downloadable content assault from Sony and Media Molecule starting this Thursday. And so is Japan. Plans on the other side of the planet for LittleBigPlanet include all manner of man and beast. We're getting the frog and gorilla, we know that. But that sweet Shark get up? Helluva lot better than that lame Penguin one.

Japan's first "premium" Sackboy outfit, Toro from the Japan-only Mainichi Issho, likely won't make it to these shores. And we're OK with that.

リトルビッグプラネット [PlayStation Japan via PS3Fanboy]


    Check out official EU playstation forums LBP costume comp as I designed a shark costume and to be honest the fury is building !!!
    I thing I deserve credit for the costume.

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