New York City Feels Lich King's Wrath

What happens when you throw a launch event for a game with 11 million subscribers in the biggest city in America? You get a spectacle of epic proportions. Spike TV was there. Geoff Keighley was there. Just about everyone from Blizzard was there. Midnight launch events for video games tend to be hit or miss these days. Considering the amount of big-name titles being release this holiday, fans can't stand outside in line for every game. Blizzard didn't have to worry, though, they'll come out for World of Warcraft. A rough guesstimate says there were about 200 people there, which wasn't too bad considering it was around 40 degrees outside. Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of cosplay, either. But Blizzard promised me a something special would happen when the clock hit midnight.

A few minutes before the official release, the media gathered outside not knowing what would really happen. Coming down the sidewalk, 4 blood elves carried a sword, which they handed-off to Blizzard President Mike Morhaime out in front of Best Buy. With the help of the first person in line (who had been standing there for close to 24 hours) they jammed the sword into the ice-shaped styrofoam block and pulled out a copy of the game. Yeah, it was totally nerd fest 2000. Still, it was a great time. Blizzard developers autographed copies for everyone who wanted one. Check out the rest of the pictures below from the night!


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