NXE Experiencing New Errors

Seems like the New Xbox Experience isn't rolling out quite as smoothly as one would have hoped. Reports are trickling in about sporadic issues accessing content via the Xbox Live Marketplace. Currently on my end, accessing anything on marketplace is running incredibly slow, erroring out at times with various numerical error codes. Just a moment ago the new Fable II theme appeared on the service with a date of 11/20 attached, only to error out when trying to access it, which is probably good seeing as breaking the laws of space and time totally voids your warranty.

We've put a shout out to Xbox Live's Larry Hyrb to see if there was any official word on the current stability of the newly relaunched service. In the meantime, how's NXE been treating you folks? Good? Bad? Ugly? Feel free to discuss among yourselves.


    i start my 360 do the nxe update, then while i am making my avatar it freezes then i restart my 360 then i have to do the update again so i did it again, while making my avatar it froze so restarted then it told me to do the update again! so i did it again this time skipped the avatar part while surfing the marketplace it froze then i restarted my 360, it said u will have to do the update again!! any one else getting these problems?? or any idea how to solve it?

    1680x1050 doesnt want to work on my Asus VW222u via VGA.

    I have the usual horizontal black bars top and bottom but also part of the right hand side of the image is cropped offscreen so the Xbox logo is missing.

    Ive tried tweaking the monitor settings, no luck.

    I'm having problems myself. Whenever I go into my friends list on the dashboard, everything's dandy at first. Of course, that's until I take a look at a friend, and press B to go back to my friends list. Freezes my 360. Fun.

    I'm having random lock up also after the NXE update last night. It probably lock up 10 time in dashboard and in game. I was playing GOW2.

    Awful gave my box the RROD thankyou microsoft!!! if the console worked it would be brilliant shame its just a rushed shoddy excuse for a piece of shit!

    Yep, no good for me either. My XBLive worked a treat prior to NXE, but now every time I try to login to XBLive with my gamer tag, I get a prompt for update download. I try to download and get error that update could not be downloaded check connections etc...' Did a connection/XBLive test and was fine, now I can't use XBlive at all - thanks MS. Oh I logged a call with their online support and they gave me some shitty advice about deleting all my game data or moving it - pity 360 won't recognise USB keyrings or ext HD's, now I can't backup my game data. Microsoft, you really suck, you should have stopped at DOS and left us all alone...

    every time i turn my xbox on it logs onto my profile but cant sign into messenger and i cant access xbox marketplace i get this error:
    Some Xbox live content is temporarily unavailable
    You can still access your profile communicate with other players and play games online.
    The content will automatically appear when it’s available

    Status error: 80072741

    everything worked fine for me b4 the update

    I have the exact same issue as Stevo on my 360 Elite

    I have the RROD since NXE.
    Microsoft have let down everybody with this update. And what really upsets me is I had to run the update to stay online. At least with Windows updates I have the option not to update until I am sure I will have no issues and I can always go back if required.
    Also Microsoft denies their is a major issue with a lot of their launch consoles, they stand by their product.
    A little bit of honesty would go a long way. I feel totaly let down.

    Same problem here as Tokamak and Stevo! Where is the fix?

    Yep me to im having the same problem as Stevo and tokamak, Cmon Microsoft get it soughted.

    i have been having problems on the new 360 experience dashboard too - everything is working fine but when i come to choose a game on the marketplace for example a game demo or trailor or theme etc - the screen it is meant to bring up is taking between 30 to 45 seconds each time and then it eventually loads up with the information - anyone else got that trouble? and is microsoft planning on fixing it? it was running fine before on the old dashboard!

    Same problem as Stevo, tokamak and Matt, anyone know how to fix???

    im still having the same problem as stevo and those other guys, is there a fix?

    hey guys i am experiencing a weird problem
    i just downloaded halo 3 mythic map pack and darth vader from SCIV but although it shows up in the xbox hard drive i can't play it unless it has an xbox connection
    might it be a malfunction or another one of those bad choices bungie made
    please reply

      @David Yu

      Not entirely sure of the problem you're describing. The Mythic Map Pack is for multiplayer, so you need to connected to Xbox Live. Am I missing something here?

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