OK, *This* is Definitely Video Game Piracy

There's an interminable semantics debate over whether copying and sharing games illegally is really "piracy" or if that's just a propagandist term thrown around by the industry. But I'm sure everyone can agree, however, that when a bunch of heavily-armed badasses ride up in a boat to steal video games from another boat, that is definitely video game piracy.

That's what's happening around the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea (which is between Africa and the Arabian peninsula, for the non geography majors). Somali pirates are plundering everything they can get their hook-hands and peg-legs on, including video games.

A spokesman for the International Transport Workers Federation, in comments that note mainstream coverage of modern piracy has tended to play up the more awesomer aspects of high-seas crime, says it is so not cool. Video game players tend to think pirates are funny, they'll think again after the holidays, he says.

"Despite all the publicity over piracy it will really hit home when consumers in the West find they haven't got their Nintendo gifts this Christmas," the spokesman, Sam Dawson, told Reuters.

Dammit! I forget, on which day of Christmas are the Nintendo Gifts given? We should just skip that one.

Somali Pirates Plundering Trade Ships, Stealing Video Games
[PC World on Washingtonpost.com, via GamePolitics The GP comments are well worth a read too.]


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