Playboy's December Issue Undresses The 'Girls Of Gaming'

It's that time of the year again, the season when video game marketing departments ask the art staff to whip up a naked version — as if someone on staff didn't have one squirreled away — of the heroine or sidekick appearing in their latest non-triple A game and send it to Playboy magazine. The men's mag has shipped its December issue with the fifth annual "Girls of Gaming" pictorial, full of nekkid video game starlets in sexy, sometimes Sapphic situations.

This year's batch includes virtual babes from games like Afro Samurai (pictured), Ride To Hell, Velvet Assassin, Saints Row 2, Domination and Rise of the Argonauts. Yes, Rise of the Argonauts. Please do run with that in the comments.

The December issue features "supermodel" Carol Alt on the cover, should you be in a great hurry to pick up a copy and can't find the date in your rush to the register.


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