PopCap Planning Bloodless Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies are THE pop-cultural touchstones of our times. There is probably a deep-seated psychological reason for this based upon post-millennial angst, Generation Z nihilism and half a dozen other things, but I for one can't be bothered looking into it. Let's just say that if an actual Zombie Apocalypse were to happen tomorrow, I doubt if there would be any more zombies around than are currently stinking up our screens.

Evil puzzle scientists PopCap - makers of Bejewelled, Bejewelled-Twist and Bejewelled-Just-One-More-Go-HAHAHAHA-We-Own-Your-Soul-Now - have decided that what the Zombie world needs is a dose of good old fashioned family values. And probably puzzles.

Quoth PR rep, Garth Chouteau:

It'll be a few months, but our next new game will be worth the wait... "zombie apocalypse," the PopCap way: no blood, no gore, but blood-curdlingly fun and addictive just the same.

PopCap's next game to be a family friendly zombie apocalypse? [The BBPS]


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