Pre-order GTA IV PC Now, Get Vice City Free... Now

We suppose that if you've resisted the urge to buy into Grand Theft Auto IV this long, opting to wait for the superior Windows version, you may have waited on a copy of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, as well. Valve and Rockstar Games must think so too, as they're offering a deal to pre-purchasers of GTA IV via Steam, tossing in a gratis copy of Vice City if you throw down the cash now. Not the world's most earth-shattering deal, but ten bucks is ten bucks, and you get something new now to while away the time until GTA IV unlocks on December 2nd.


    Wats the price?

    i want this copy as free please i have a better performance system i dont give to any body

    GTA IV, GTA 3

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