PS3 Fallout 3 A Bit Broken

While my experience with the Xbox 360 version of Bethesda's Fallout 3 was rather pleasant, PlayStation 3 owners don't seem to be getting on nearly as well. Complaints of choppy frame rates and graphical glitches are peppered throughout Bethesda's forums for the game, with others complaining about random lock ups and various other issues - textures not loading, significant slowdown etc. Two major bugs have already been addressed by Bethesda in the forums, one concerning the game freezing during the GOAT test earlier in the game, and another dealing with the game pausing whenever a PS3 notification occurs. The first issue can apparently be solved by saving and restarting, while they suggest turning off notifications in the XMB for the second.

We've contacted Bethesda regarding these issues, specifically inquiring as to the possibility of a patch to fix problem with the PS3 version.

PlayStation 3 Issues Forum - Pick A Post [Bethesda Forums]


    Despite my rampant anti-PS3, Xbox fanboyishness, I can't help but fess up that my Xbox 360 version has hanged during the GOAT section of the game.

    It's basically a bit of dialogue that doesn't come up, the teacher telling of one of the students before the test starts. I fixed it by saving and reloading my save game.

    Of course the graphics are superb though, no choppiness. :-)

    I've racked up around about 14 hours game time on my PS3 and i haven't had one single lock up or freeze. I set off a fat boy in the the science lab in rivet city, and the graphics glitched, but were fixed as soon as i left the room.

    guess i'm just lucky.

    Never had one crash on PC.. Played 40 hours.. Clocked it 2 different ways..

    Does anyone else notice how terrible the PS3 version looks? Judging by appearance alone, it looks like it's in 480p, although I have a tv that supports 720p and 1080p. While I don't expect it to use an actual 1080 framebuffer, the resolution it does use really pisses me off to the point where I almost don't even want to play it.

    i played fallout 3 for the first time and after i left the vault i went into megatron city and the game froze on me. i had to turn off my ps3 with my finger on the sensor to restart. i have the 60 gig and now when i put any of my games in they ALL freeze after 5 minutes of use. the demos on my hard drive work just fine..WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well umm I actually haven't had any problems at all. Usually people who have a PS3 and complain that they have problems are people who abuse their system. I have had my PS3 since it first came out but only recently has it started to act up but it doesn't cuase much of a problem.

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