Rare Tips New Games in Banjo?

Is it guerrilla marketing when you're doing it in your own game? Cranky Gamers UK noticed that Easter egg in Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, which declares we've got "new Killer Instinct, Battletoads and Jet Force Gemini games," on the way. "Even Ghoulies 2!" Whoa. But then they say, "Oh, you'll never believe that." Screw it, I will. This qualifies as an announcement and I am committing Rare to this, even though there's nothing on the Rare Web site yet, and a Killer Instinct sequel has long been involved in cat-and-mouse rumour games.

Rare Drop a Massive Bombshell Hidden in Banjo Kazooie! [Cranky Gamers UK, thanks Jordan, Maze, and many others]



    Actually you are completely wrong there, most of the team behind the original Banjo games worked on Nuts & Bolts, hence why its such a great game.

    You lot can bitch all you want about the game and how "OMG I HATE THIS GAME COS I'M AFRAID OF ANYTHING NEW" but had the game been the same as the originals I'm betting you all would bitch about how its just a rehash of the old games and doesn't bring anything new.

    Rare are just as great as they ever were, take off those nostalgia goggles and you'll see.

    Though I do agree that PDZ was a huge disappointment.

    Kids, these games aren't coming out. Rare is screwing with you... like they always do. Its a joke at the expense of all the people who write into Rare asking for sequels of these games.

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