Red Alert 3 – PS3 Owners ‘Will Be Very Pleased’

Red Alert 3 – PS3 Owners ‘Will Be Very Pleased’

EA LA may initially have recoiled in shock at the “very exotic and tough to develop for” PS3 but, now they have a had a few months to get the 360 and PC versions out of the door, EA have taken another look at their PS3 code and have decided to give things another try.

"We're looking at doing some really cool things with the PS3 version,"C&C TV presenter David Silverman told VideoGamer, " Since it is shipping later we're putting in a lot of cool content and really taking advantage of both the 1080p nature and the high-defness of Blu-Ray and also the fact that it can hold just so much more space."

Silverman would not confirm a release date, but promised that "Bide your time and you'll be very pleased."

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