Relax, GTA IV Is Coming To Steam

Phew. Remember all that stuff about GTA IV and Games for Windows Live? And how the press release kept dropping words like "exclusive" and "Games for Windows - LIVE" uncomfortably close to each other? It's OK. The game isn't exclusive, either to Microsoft's GFW brand or Games for Windows - LIVE service. It's just appearing there first. A listing for Grand Theft Auto IV has since appeared on Steam, with a release date of December 3. A short delay, yes, but one that's probably all too worth it for those in the pro-Steam, anti-GFW-LIVE camp.

Grand Theft Auto IV [Steam]


    So what? For us in Australia, we're still screwed - no Rockstar games on Steam.

    Well, the way it seems, we can't actually buy it still, we can just look at it and one-day hope we can buy it.

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