Reminder: Final Days For Gears 2 Comp

You have 2 days people. Just 2 days, until those limited edition Gears 2 packs are given away to five incredibly imaginative (and possibly disturbed) Kotakuans.

Which means you have just 2 more days to answer this question, via our comments section: What two weapons would you combine to top the Gears of War 2 Lancer?

Entries close 5pm (AEDT), November 14.

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    I would combine a machine gun with a giant leatherman, effectively making the ultimate multi-tool killing machine!

    Combine the Hammer of Dawn with Marcus Fenix. Marcus falls from the sky in a rage and kicks the shit out of anyone in range.

    A rocket launcher which shoots midgets holding pistols. The midget is shot out in bullet time allowing you to target enemies hidden behind cover.

    A portable CD player that endlessly plays Madonna's greatest hits mixed with Aussie Hip-hop... together they are an unstoppable force.

    I would combine a Nano-Mechanical Powerfist with an automatic dispenser of Cream Cheese upon each hit.

    It would be called Schmears Of War.

    Thank you for your time.

    A stingray with a slingshot.

    You can probably see where I'm going with this.

    My weapon of choice would be a kryll shotgun that fires the flesh-eating parasites in a deadly torrent onto a unsuspecting locust, only leaving a pile of bones.

    Crazy! It’s like asking how to top sex… I guess then, you just add the Lancers hotter sister and an inhibition shattering bottle of vodka.

    I reckon my top weapon would be a shotgun with a Lance (not lancER, LANCE) on the bottom of the barrel and when you engage the enemy with it, it kind of forces the lance forward with great force about 30cm effectively breaking through armour and whatever bone or body is within the armour. If this weapon were real I would call it the Lancer and the curren lancer would be called the Razor.

    Chuck Norris + Rick Astley.. what could be better for the aliens than being Rickrolled + Chuck Norrised at the same time?

    ZOMG. Could this be more easy? Attach the motorized lancer chainsaws to Chuck "Freaking" Norris's arms and that right there wins the war between the locust

    A lancer that fires revved up lancers for OMG INSTA-KILL GIB FEST

    Locusts.... how about a big "can of bug spray" and a nice "block of cheese" to bait the f***ers. Mmmm cheese... *psss* AHHH! THE PAIN!

    hey there, long time reader first time commenter,

    I think i've spent more time than is ususally healthy thinking about weapon creation since this came up. However, a combination between a deadly egg beater and nerf shotgun with shots soaked in potpourri and holy water (just to be sure the locust aren't some sort of vampire). plus, if you've ever been hit with potpourri you'll know how much it stings and they'll all throw down their weapsons and run back to middle earth (where they obviously came from :P)

    cheers - keep us the good work

    Fallout 3 Fatman mininuke launcher and a fat dwarf. He can sit on the nuke a la Major Kong from Dr. Strangelove, only smaller.

    A ray gun that shoots copies of duke nukem forever and leaves the enemies in a state of frozen limbo for 12 years

    Rick Astley Grenage

    i would combine the lancer with a butterfly net because then u could run around catching locusts...instead of pokemon there would be a new craze called locustmanz

    I would combine a focussed microwave heat gun with a sniper rifle. Heat 'em up until they break cover, ripping their clothes off and pick them off one by one!

    The Big Boy launcher from Fallout 3 that fires mini nukes, but in the form of the cerebal bore from turok 2. Essentially: shooting mini nukes that lock on to enemies, flys at them, drills into their skulls and explodes once inside in a giant mushroom cloud of red mist and eyeballs. I could die happy if i saw that.

    Fat boy* instead of Big Boy... sorry, damn you Austin Powers and your ability to push words into my head.

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