Reminder: Gears 2 Comp Going Strong

Phoar. That Gears 2 comp we told you all about last Friday looks set to be a doosy. With weapon ideas ranging from marshmallow flame throwers to rabid crocodile rifles and, a disturbingly high amount of oddly-ingenious human excrement hurling artillery, it'll be a tough one to win- not to mention judge.

So remember, for your chance to win one of five awesome limited edition Gears 2 pack, (worth over 300 bucks each), answer the following, via the comments section, in 25 words or less; What two weapons would you combine to top the Gears of War 2 Lancer?

Entries close 5pm (AEDT), November 14.

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    "What two weapons would you combine to top the Gears of War 2 Lancer?"

    I’d combine the top Lancer with a handy quiet chainsaw that enables a target system, which is able to chop a specific part of body.

    A T-rex with a cannon strapped to it's back that shoots flaming bales of hay. T-rex is a weapon, right?

    The IOAS Bow:
    -Torque Bow, from Gears
    -Iguanaizer, (from WoWs Gnomish Poultryizer)
    IOAS: Iguana on a Stick (for that Fallout feel)
    Griller Warfare!

    (I know the pun hurts but it is Monday, I need more beer, more coffee or less work)

    I would combine the Lancer with a catapult that shoots expoloding plush toys

    A gun + other gun = stronger gun


    I'd call it gungun. lolz.

    k. give me my limted edtion copy of gears worth over 300 bux (lol yer right guyz) now mainly cos i'd be the only one 2 enter anyway lozl

    What two weapons would you combine to top the Gears of War 2 Lancer?

    A tractor beam and the noble, aincient pointy stick. Nothing is as terrifying as being pulled towards your own sharp and splintery demise.

    I'd strap a portable DVD player facing toward the enemy with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull playing on it to the top of a Lancer...bound to kill everything in it's path!

    I would combine the Portal Gun from portal with the Translocator from Unreal Tournament, anyone up for Teleporting Portal Madness?

    120mm KEBAB-MORTAR
    The ultimate in rocket projectile devices combined with the midnight killer - the dirty kebab. Dropping irresistible salmonella bombs on unsuspecting locusts at 2:30am.

    A revolver that SHOOTS ocelots. If this doesn't appear in MGS5, it's a missed opportunity.

    I would combine the Hammer of Dawn fused with a ninja. Nothing's better than ninjas being fired down from satellites at the speed of light.

    I'd combine the gears lancer gun part with a covenant dropship from halo3 ... Whats better than a gun win a dropship on it

    I would combine the portal gun with the blue grav gun. That way, you can pick up a toilet, shoot it at someone, then do a runner through a portal. Too cool!

    Rock-It Launcher (Fallout 3) + Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (Portal)

    Anything is a weapon. No where is safe. Physics is merely part of the equation. Fear those incoming high velocity teddy bears!

    I would combine the hammer of dawn from Gears and the Fat man from Fallout 3.

    i would call it the 'Fat man of Dawn'!

    Well you've got to complement the Lancer.

    Shotgun with a Hedge Trimmer
    or Pistol with Pruning Sheers

    The ultimate gardening arsenal!

    I would combine the Jackals Energy shield from halo with a spike, so you could be protected from bullets while running to gruesomely impale your enemy.

    Simple, but effective.

    I would combine the blue shell from mario kart and the magic dragon from heroine hero, so it seeks out whoever is beating me and gives them a terrible drug addiction.

    This will tear families apart. Cruel.

    A sniper-rifle with a guitar to melt faces from afar! GH ftw

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