Resident Evil 5 Dated For PC

We all knew, didn't we? Sure as eggs is eggs and God made little kittens, Resident Evil 5 was going to shamble on to the PC. Capcom did keep us hanging on,though - evading the issue like a Spec. Ops agent dodging an animated corpse.

But today, thanks to an otherwise unrelated post about Street Fighter IV, Capcom seem to have not only confirmed a PC port but to have dated its release.

Look there - at the bottom of MCV's SFIV UK Release coverage are the words 'Resident Evil 5 - PS3, 360, PC - March 13th', just nestling there like a diamond in the rough. Oh Capcom, you shouldn't have.

Street Fighter IV dated [MCV]


    *remembers RE4 PC port* The horror..

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