Retro Gaming Pin-Up Model Tells Off Game Pirates ('Yaargh!')

Hey! Everyone's favourite retro gaming idol Haruna Anno has some harsh words for you illegal downloader pirate people. Very harsh.

How harsh? This harsh: "[Not paying for games]is the same as not paying your dinner tab or shoplifting," she blogs during a break from writing "Chrono Trigger" in Japanese calligraphy. "It's stealing. Don't think you've really played the game if you've done this... I do not think people who don't buy the games have the privilege to enjoy them."

Well, that wasn't that harsh. Still. Remember, this is coming from a person who once played Chrono Trigger for 36 hours straight. She's the anti-Rola Chen and so not joking around. Haruna Anno is serious business.

DS?????????????????? [?????????via Sponichi Annex][Pic]


    I would still hit it.

    Do a barrel roll... Oh wait.

    Hmmm im at odds in the Piracy debate, some games are masterpieces that deserve nothing less then full price purchase. But then you get lazy companies like EA that churn out the same sports titles with a different roster each year but then expect you to buy it at full price.

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