Rolling Stone's 50 Best Rock & Roll Games List Redefines 'Best'

We know that many media outlets have their own unique way of writing — e.g. Variety's "slanguage" terms ankle, skein and kudocast come to mind — but, until today, were unaware of Rolling Stone's take on the word "best." For that mag's purposes, "best" appears to mean "are" or "might be" or "could be in this category," at least in terms of its "50 Best Rock & Roll Video Games of All Time" list. That may be evident by the first entry on the list, Simon. But once you get to KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child, you know that something's rotten in Denmark.

Look, we're not telling Rolling Stone how to run its editorials. The inclusion of titles that could have been missed — Rez, Frequency, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Vib-Ribbon — is at least comforting. But to have the Make My Video series for the Sega CD on any "best of" other than the "Best Three Make My Video Games Starring Either Marky Mark, Kris Kross or C+C Music Factory For The Sega CD" is a warning sign.

It is, at the very least, a very good starting point for a larger, more comprehensive list of music games. It is, however, sadly devoid of mention of Gitaroo Man, Bust A Groove and Rhythm Tengoku.

Regardless of music game snobbery concerns and what we perceive to be oversights, it's got some interesting stuff on it, all sorted by release date. Worthwhile checking out if only to get yourself worked up into a lather over the inclusion of Britney's Dance Beat.

The 50 Best Rock & Roll Video Games of All Time [Rolling Stone]


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