Rumour: Midway Chicago Hit With More Layoffs

According to an anonymous but reliable source, Midway laid off an estimated 20 to 30 employees from its Chicago studio today. With work completed on the publisher's biggest holiday offering Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, the llengths to which the company went just to manufacture the game, and another unprofitable quarter, the news likely won't come as a shock to many Midway employees.

The publisher laid off 90 this summer at its Austin studio, a team hard at work on the unannounced Career Criminal open-world project. Midway's stock price has taken a beating since then, dropping from $US2.60 to less than $US0.25 per share.

We've contacted Midway in an attempt to get confirmation, but hadn't heard back as of press time.


    If you look at Midways share price longer term, they were valued over $20 three years ago. Now at $0.25 they've fallen a long way. But that's what happens when you haven't had a profitable quarter in years.


    Buying a game will help but what good is renting?

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