Rumour: Yngwie Malmsteen, More Soundgarden Coming To Rock Band

The next batch of downloadable tracks for Rock Band and Rock Band 2 may have been leaked a little early, courtesy of the in-game music store and some eagle-eyed ScoreHero forum members. We'd advise you to take it as rumour for now, as the face-melting promise of these tracks would only lead to disappointment if they're incorrect. We're talking about the oft-requested by Luke Plunkett "Jesus Christ Pose" by Soundgarden and a triple shot of Yngwie (Fucking) Malmsteen. Oh, and Lamb of God if that's up your alley. For the rumoured next DLC update, read on.

• "Jesus Christ Pose" by Soundgarden
• "Pretty Noose" by Soundgarden
• "Laid To Rest" by Lamb of God

Yngwie Malmsteen Pack
• "Red Devil"
• "Damnation Game"
• "Caprici Di Diablo"

The Killers Pack
• "Spaceman"
• "Mr. Brightside"
• "Smile Like You Mean It "

DLC Week of Nov.25 Soundgarden, Yngwie Malmsteen and more! [ScoreHero]


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