San Francisco Lich King Launch Gets Ugly

The Powell Street GameStop started its World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King launch party at 8 pm sharp — but many fans lined up outside the store as early as 6 am. "I'm not a nerd," said one chair-sitting fan. "Really - I just came here to laugh at people."

There were plenty of people to laugh at - some 500 people came and went from the site of the party between 8 pm and 11 pm. Strangely, less than 10 were in costume.

Party festivities included face painting, ice sculptures spouting chilled Rockstar, raffles and... the big one... a dance competition where contestants had to freestyle one of the six race dances based on routines from movies like Saturday Night Fever and Napoleon Dynamite.

Things started to get ugly around 10:30 when the dance competition sparked a noise complaint from a local resident. San Francisco police were slow to respond as they considered the event to be pretty well-behaved and had two officer stationed outside the store for the entire evening.

"I've never even heard of [World of Warcraft]until today," said one officer. "I had to ask some guys down at the station about it - they're into that stuff."

"That stuff" has already sold a ridiculous amount of copies in only a short amount of time. This may be due in part to 7-Eleven.

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