School Uses PSPs To Help Deaf Children

A school in the UK is using PSPs to help children who are deaf or have seriously impaired hearing to learn sign language.

At Longwill primary school in Birmingham, every one of the school's deaf pupils has been given one of Sony's portable consoles. Teachers record British Sign Language (BSL) phrases using the PSP's camera and children are able to play them back later or record their own phrases and then translate them to written English.

Deputy Head Alison Carter explains, "They improved by signing their stories to the camera, taking the PSP back to their desk and trying to translate what they had said in BSL into written English, which is their second language. That's been very successful."

Playstation opens doors for the deaf [Guardian]


    omg i want this! btw im deaf and im from australia. My sign language is Auslan (similar to BSL but opposite grammar, it's more like visual language but I cant explain.) I'm going to talk to the Deaf Society about it and hope that they provide this PSP and the software for deaf people in Australia :D

    I went to visit the Deaf school recently and saw the PSP's in action. Now looking for funding for my school. The kids and teachers were brilliantly creative and the kids said how much they really helped.

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