So, What Old Capcom Game Do You Want Remade Next?

Capcom have gone a little remake mad. Bionic Commando Rearmed, Mega Man 9, they're falling over themselves trying to put out new versions of old games. And now, they want your help. An innocent-looking post on the Capcom blog asks "what games do YOU think Capcom should revisit?". Know that when a company PR man asks that question on a company PR blog, it's not for the purposes of idle chit-chat. They really want to know. I would suggest you all head over and let your voice be heard, but instead, I'll ask you not to, so as you don't drown out the next sentence.

Ahem. Captain Commando, please.

Which Games Should Capcom Bring Back? [Capcom]


    Yes, Captain Commando!
    Used to play that every Saturday morning in a dingy underground arcade with a mate.

    Good times!

    AVP or The Punisher. Had a blast with friends in the arcades on these 2 games.

    Somebody get with HAI and turn their 2-D Adventures of Lolo to a 3-D Remake. At least light them up. Cool sounds, better graphics, new views (Overhead can change to landscape, vice versa) Can be able to change level music (Original, off, and/or new). Those puzzle master sure knows how to keep somebody waiting.
    Let's see, Capcom games. I was also thinking of a 3-D Mega Man in the 1st person shooter view. Really really awesome kind of thing...Hmm...
    Breath of Fire 2. Whoa, that was very cool. I spent hours in the forest getting life up before the colossium fight with Kira. The ending boss was hard.
    Mega Man, Mega Man, Mega Man. I was wondering if there was going to be a 3-D remake of the Mega Man Sequels. Powered Up was really good.

      You know what? It's been almost three years now. I really thought Mega Man was mainstay, seeing it as the major portion of Capcom. But with Keiji Inafune gone, I felt some good colors go away from Capcom. Capcom, bring Keiji back, and finish Mega Man Universe so I can play it before the world ends in 2012!

    Saturday Night SlamMasters.
    Those games rocked.
    Have all the characters from those games plus all the wrestling characters from the Street Fighter games plus 4 new characters.

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