Some Lady Calls EA 'That Pig Of A Company'

The gist: Woman hates games. Gets mad. Calls EA "that pig of a company." EA requests apology.

During a video game conference in Munich, outspoken violent games crusader Regina Pfeiffer supposedly referred to EA as "that pig of a company." German news site reports that Pfeiffer said these remarks apparently in relation to her inability to sue EA over some game in German courts because the company is based outside Germany. EA's German PR boss Martin Lorber has replied to the incident:

"Should Mrs Regina Pfeiffer have actually lost her composure to the point of describing Electronic Arts as being a 'a pig of a company', then I can only recommend that she apologises in full - at least, [she should]if she wishes to be taken seriously again in the future."

Lorber didn't stop there. "The organisers had no interest in holding discussions with the people who manufacture the games that were being criticised there... Initially, I found this very regrettable, because I had told the conference that I would be willing to hold a question and answer session... But now that I see how low the level of discussion obviously was, I'm glad that I didn't waste my time." Oh ho ho.

There's no need for name calling. If you do not like EA, fine, but approach this issue in a level headed manner. Good to see someone stick up for themselves, though. Even EA — yeah, we know. Nicely played, Martin. (But really, why do people use "pig" as an insult? Roosting in pig poop aside, pigs are smart. Bacon tastes good. Pork chops taste good. Mmm.)

Video game site GamePolitics also has a rundown of the whole brouhaha.

Electronic Arts antwortet auf "Schweinefirma"-Vorwürfe [ via via VG247]


    It is amazing, how all the comments and reports copy from each other. I am Regine Pfeiffer and what I said in Munich was more than what was reported world wide.
    I had a quotation from the Godfather Ggame-guide: what fun it is to fry a person over the fire, and to throw them into the oven alive. I never lost my composure, instead I raised my hand to make a comment, I delivered my arguments with anger, but without losing composure.
    Also, Mr. Lorber the PR spokesman never demanded an apology, he wrote the most friendly e-mails to me in which the word apology never appeared.
    I have explained all this on my homepage in an article about glorification of violence and anti-Semitism in The Godfather and GTA IV, a game which offers the murder of Jews and the murder of homosexuals as an option.
    I am an old woman of 68, but obviously my war background makes me see things that other people are not disturbed by. So get yourself a translater and read my statements.

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