Some Xbox 360 Themes Not A 'Beautiful' As Promised With NXE

Now that the New Xbox Experience has been globally launched, it's time to brace for the impact. Outside of a few error reports, things appear to have gone smoothly. One of the minor bumps that we know of, thanks to OXM, is that some Xbox 360 themes don't quite jibe with the NXE's new layout. Microsoft touted that old themes would look "beautiful" with the new look and feel, but perhaps the better descriptor is "beautiful but largely obscured."

Take, for instance, the above Virtua Fighter 5 theme. Series starlet Sarah may still look virtually beautiful — what a pretty eye you have! — but she now has a bit of creepy stalkerishness to her gaze. The same mismatched layout applies to themes for games like Army of Two, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Castle Crashers and more. For the full list of usable, but visually gimped themes, read on.

NXE: When Old Themes Go Bad [OXM]


    They Ruined the Dashboard. People like Customizing there themes n colors. Now more then half the Wallpaper of your dashboard gets cut off. You can't even change the bottom half color if u made your own theme, its bullshit! they didn't make this update for the gamers, they did it for there own marketing needs. I'M SWITCHING TO PS3. my 360s break down like nothing anyways. F%%K 360!

    Granted the NXE update has some issues but overall I think it's an improvement over the original dashboard. Yes, I am not happy that my themes are now cut off and the customization of their use is non-existent. Some themes are now unusable due to cropping and/or not jiving with the theme color scheme but to just throw your Xbox 360 to the wind because you can't adapt to the new dashboard is just plain stupid. Go ahead and leave. We are better off without you and your whining. A true gamer, a real competitor and student of a game will just continue on and work his stuff because you don't play games in the middle of the new dashboaord. It doesn't impede your gaming experience. Unless your crying about how unhappy you are with NXE makes your vision blurry and you jump straight into an online match of Soul Calibur IV. But even so, have some tissues handy and that problem is solved. Go. Go play PS3 and start moaning over there.

    hope you learned your lesson. Never buy a theme from M$

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