Sony: Competitors 'Are On Their Way Down'

Thank you, Sony UK Marketing Director Ray Maguire. It's been far too long since we had a good, old-fashioned shit-slinger of a PR/interview quote like this one:

Yes, we might take a bit longer sometimes to bring a product to market, but when we do, we bring you the most powerful gaming platform ever to hit - and it will be something that will around for a very long time.

It's nowhere near even halfway through its lifecycle, and I could argue that some other competing formats are on their way down right now.

"Competing"? Rules out the on-its-deathbed PS2. "Some"? Rules out speaking about just one of Sony's competitors. So, in other words, both the 360 and Wii are in decline! Utter nonsense, of course, but that's not the point. The point is, we miss this kind of corporate chest-beating! And can only hope this kicks off a decent run of it in the lead-up to Christmas. Microsoft Europe's Chris Lewis, the ball is in your court, sir.

Maguire: "Competing formats are on their way down" []


    The PS3 hasnt peaked yet. The 360 really seemed to hit its stride early (also remember it had a year on the PS3*) and I guess the fact that it is so close to a PC and development similarities across those platforms makes life easier.

    The cell is not going to make graphics better, but if developers really learn to use it then things like AI and physics will be much more powerful than the 360 could produce. Ports are of course going to be limited by all platforms, and so they suffer on PS3 a little at the moment.

    * 360 Released nov 2005, worldwide sales at nov 2008 = 22.5 million. ps3 released nov 2006, wordlwide sales 15.7 million.

    360 per year: 22.5/3= 7.5
    ps3 per year: 15.7/2= 7.85

    Well, will you look at that. it seems the consoles are pretty even! What all fanboys dont get is that this is best for everyone. If one dies then the "winner" gets the joys of paying more for everything and having less money pumped into flagship titles. Parity is GOOD.

    Sony always talk big when they're on the ropes.

    The only way their competitors Wii and Xbox, are in decline is not in unit sales but in unit costs.

    Sony are in a real bind to get the PS3 down to a mainstream friendly pricepoint. By the time PS3 hits that, many early adopter types will be ready for WiiHD and Xbox-720, which will no doubt wipe the floor with Sony's orphaned and already aging "cell technology".

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