Sony's Christmas Ads Are Hit And Miss

Sony have a bit of an uphill battle in front of them this Christmas. Console sales have been poor compared to the competition, their flagship games for the season haven't been the MEGAHITS they were hoping for and Home is...well, yes, you know all about Home. So what was needed from the company was a rousing holiday season television advertising campaign! One that shows off the very best features of the console, the best games, the benefits of the online network! Well, across their two commercials, they got it half right. The PS3 one above will seem like moonspeak to anyone who doesn't already know what LittleBigPlanet and MotorStorm are, but it's got exploding couches and looks pretty, so it's OK in my books. But the second one?

It's for the PlayStation Network. What it should have said was "kinda like Xbox Live, but free". Instead, it takes...well, it's got Pain in it. And the unreleased Home. And...Hancock. Egads.


    PS3, is full of potential.

    Just no ones reaching it or even knows what it is beyond a Sony damage-control buzzword and/or some vague promise of future developments that will never be fulfilled.

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