Splinter Cell Voice Actor Shot By Terrorists

Canadian actor and videogame voice specialist Michael Rudder was among the casualties in the terrorist attacks in Mumbai yesterday.

The actor was dining at the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai when militants opened fire. Rudder was hit by three bullets and rushed to hospital where he successfully underwent surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

You may recognise Rudder's voice from such games as Far Cry Instincts, Prince Of Persia: The Warrior Within (he played the Dark Prince), Jagged Alliance and - somewhat ironically - terrorist-slaying black ops game Splinter Cell.

Canadian actor recovering in Mumbai after being shot [CBC]


    Michael Ironside the sound of Sam Fisher.

    so he was not a casualty then? or is he making a full recovery

      Casualty means they were injured, not necessarily killed

        I wonder when the dictionary definition changed.
        And why.
        And by whom.

    You can't kill Sam Fisher. Ever.

      I can! I'm godawful at Splinter Cell, lol.

    Seeing his roles in the Splinter Cell series, this has got to be the most ironic thing of the year.

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