Square Enix Counts Down To Bahamut

Square Enix certainly loves their countdown clocks. The last one wound up giving us a Nintendo DS remake of Chrono Trigger, and this latest one? All we know is it's for a game involving Bahamut, the giant dragon we've come to alternately love and hate, depending on which game he shows up in. The first thing that crossed my mind was a remake or sequel to Bahamut Lagoon, the Super Nintendo tactical strategy RPG, though what's with the colossus down there at the bottom? It reminds me of the fight between Bahamut and Alexander from Final Fantasy IX, though that would be one hell of a giant Alexander.

Whatever it is, well find out on Monday once the stupid countdown clock finishes doing what it was made for. In the meantime, I'll be desperately pouring through soundtracks trying to figure out where I know that music from. Hit the jump for the full teaser graphic.

The Bahamut Countdown [Official Site via N4G - Thanks Tim!]


    Holy shit it's the Bahamut Lagoon music! I haven't heard it in years. I wonder if it's a remake or a sequal. Either way my pants will need changing after the announcement.

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