Square Enix LA Working On Downloadable Games

Square Enix LA Working On Downloadable Games

Square Enix’s new Los Angeles studio is still hiring, but they now have a small core staff of coders. To ease the new kids gently into the world of Squeenix development, the new studio is going to focus on downloadable games.

“We started the in-house development team a couple of months ago and we’re starting with downloadable content because the team is still small,” explained the studio’s US president John Yamamoto. “All formats – Xbox Live, WiiWare, PlayStation Network – are all viable formats for us”

The LA studio will also be investigating middleware solutions, after successfully using the Unreal Engine 3 for The Last Remnant. “I want to […]evaluate lots of middleware,” said Yamamoto, “because western middleware is much more advanced compared to Japanese middleware. So we will study and feed back information to Square Enix in Japan.”

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