Team Fortress 2: Collect all ... Ten?

Sharp-eyed reader Sriker H. sent this in:

At the beginning of the first episode of Left 4 Dead, there's a box of cereal on the table in one of the rooms. On closer inspection, it offers Team Fortress 2 action figures. However, instead of just being an easter egg, it notes that you can "Collect all 10." There being only 9 classes in TF2, this strikes as interesting if not telling.

Lots of TF2 manpower was thrown at Left 4 Dead, and an homage to other titles isn't all that shocking, but they had to know people would start talking about this. The official TF2 blog doesn't have anything that acknowledges this, or any old stuff that becomes more revealing in light of it. They're just saying they're working on the next class pack update, that's it.

So that leaves us free to offer pure conjecture and completely uninformed speculation. I'm thinking the Sandvich gets a promotion. Or we get both genders of Pyro. What say you?


    The new class is going to be the Citizen I bet.

    It could be a joke reference to 'The Announcer' fan art that earned high praise from the TF2 people. Either that or the Sandvich.

    I'm guessing it's the VIP, because he was hinted at in the "Meet the Sniper" video. The bobble head at the start.

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