Team Obama Endorses Rock Band

Sort of. Tucked in a long how-the-campaign-was-won feature in The New Yorker is this little tidbit about President Elect-Obama's communications staff, and how they maxxed and relaxed after a long day of writing talking points and beating up on McCain.

"Like many campaign teams, Obama's was young. The communications department -made up mostly of guys in their twenties and thirties — had a fraternity-house quality. On weekends, they would often drink beer together and play the video game "Rock Band" at a group house in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighbourhood."

What you say? Isn't this the campaign that advertised in Guitar Hero. Someone got seriously off message here.

Team Obama Plays 'Rock Band' [MTV Multiplayer]


    That picture shows Guitar Hero, not Rockband.

    Pedantics unite!

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