Tectoy Zeebo - 3G Console From Brazil

The Zeebo is a new console from Brazilian outfit Tectoy that uses a 3G SIM card to download games. It is a bit on an odd beast - looking like an unholy marriage of the PS3 and a Wii, and the strictly last-gen games selection (Quake, Crash Bandicoot, etc.) may seem a bit underwhelming.

The Unique Selling Point of games downloaded over-the-air is an attempt to combat Brazil's thriving market in pirated software and the console is being priced to suit a market where huge import costs make legitimate copies of games a tough sell.

Incidentally, Urban Dictionary defines 'Zeebo' as "A mad, often confused, lonely and possibly misunderstood ape from the hill-like village of Menzieshill." Just, you know, FYI.

Tectoy Zeebo Gaming System Uses Free 3G Connection to Distribute Games [Gizmodo]


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