The Official Guitar Hero/Rock Band Compatibility Chart

If you own both Guitar Hero (III or World Tour) and Rock Band (1 or 2), you'll be both familiar and ultimately sick of the compatibility issues between the two franchises. They will work, they won't work, they might work, they should work; trying to get hard, final word on just which instruments will work with which game has been a messy, convoluted and confusing experience. Until now, that is! The official Guitar Hero community crew have put together an extensive chart, outlining which instruments will work with which game. Bravo. Click through for all four charts for all four platforms.

Guitar Hero Instrument Compatibility Chart (locked) [Guitar Hero]


    what about the rock band ac/dc track pack - are the guitar hero world tour instruments compatible?

    in respose to those asking no cross compatiability on the wii, RB doesnt use wii motes for guitar or drums where as GH does. if EA had followed nintendos guidelines then there probably would be cross compatiability, but no they thought it would be cheaper to leave it out

    i was also woundering if the GH:wt controller works with the RB:Acdc pack

    how is the rockband drumset compatible with the guitar hero if the guitar hero has an extra note?

    Does PS3 GH Aerosmith guitar work with Rock band 2

    The Rock Band ACDC Track Pack is just an add-on to Rock Band, so in theory, it should work with the guitar if Rock Band does.

    that chart is wrong because i have the les paul guitar for wii and it works with rock band 2 but it doesn't work with rock band, and I wonder if the les paul guitar works with rock band track packs 1 & 2.

    Yes, I heard the same thing, that the GHWT guitar works with both.

    I do believe that rbtp1 and rbtp2 would work with GHWT guitar since they work with RB2(have them)

    I own Ps3 GHWT Drums and they didn't work with RB1, this is fucked up!..-_-' allthourght guitar and micro does......

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